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The Slater Difference

Slater Wealth Planning is the answer to all of your financial needs. Below is how I provide a unique experience.


Fiduciary Duty

For 25+ years, I have been a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). My mandate is to listen to my clients' goals and needs, and to invest and plan wisely. Fees are based on the value of your portfolio, as opposed to the number of transactions. As a result, when my clients' do well, we both benefit. Win-win situation. My interests are 100% in-line with my clients.

Question: is your advisor an advisor "in name only"... or actually an old school broker who sneaks in commission products?

Competitive and Transparent Fees

Slater Wealth Planning is proud to offer among the lowest fees in the industry. Several studies prove that fees are among the biggest determinants of investment performance over time. I do not sell high-cost, commission-based products such as annuities or load mutual funds.


Just as importantly, my fees are 100% transparent!

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Competitive Fees
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Retirement and Estate Planning

Slater Wealth Planning offers complimentary financial planning services, which encompasses retirement, education, stock option plan analysis, charitable giving, etc. I also review your Wills and Estate Plan to ensure they are up-to-date and remain in-line with your desires. 

I do not charge extra for planning services.


Typical Clients

  • People approaching or in retirement. Can I afford to retire? How much income can my portfolio provide during retirement?

  • Middle-aged folks saving for retirement, education. How much do I need to save in my 401K, 529, etc.?

  • Local Business Owners: 401Ks, Simple IRAs, SEP IRAs, etc.

  • Corporate Executives: stock option plan analysis, diversification strategies for concentrated stock positions, tax planning, etc.


Custom Strategies

After our initial complimentary consultation, we will together develop an investment strategy that is specifically crafted for you. What does this mean? Well, the options are limitless! With a focus on traditional investments: stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds... Most clients have a blend of strategies. 

Please contact me so we can customize a plan that fits you!

Retirement Planning
Typical Clients
Custom Strategies

How do you operate?

How do you operate? Do you have custody of my money? Slater Wealth never has possession of client funds. I custody assets with Charles Schwab. Each client has an account in their name. Clients sign a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) authorizing Slater Wealth to view and trade accounts according to the parameters outlined in the Investment Management Agreement. Clients receive monthly statements from Schwab, as well as daily online access. My website portal provides further details including daily performance reporting.

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Privacy and Security

Brian Slater is the only individual at the firm who has access to your information. No revolving door of office staff or interns, which is prevalent at many firms. 

Discretion is guaranteed!

Service and Consistency

My goal as a small, boutique firm is to cater to my clients' every need. I am available 7 days a week, as well as off-hours. No more worrying about high turnover relationships or brokers who do not return calls or pass the buck to their assistants. 

I take pride in providing the ultimate client experience.

Privacy and Security
Servce and Consistency
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